Red & White Giant Cupcake

My first giant cupcake made for my daughter’s birthday. Shell is made with candy melts. Cake is chocolate with buttercream icing. I was really nervous about making the shell but it was really easy and popped right out of the pan. I used Tappitts funky letters for the lettering and the flowers and leaves are fondant. Thanks for looking!

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paula0712 ...

Very nice! I just bought this pan, and I’m a little nervous about doing the shell too.

Ellie1985 ...

Thanks Paula! Don’t be nervous about making the shell. It was super easy! Just google giant cupcake candy melt shell and several tutorials will come up. The cake only went in part way when I went to put it in the shell so I removed it and trim a little off. When I put it in the second time it only went in about half way so I took a cake board and placed it on top of the cake and gently pushed the cake down. Hope that helps!

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Red & White Giant Cupcake