Naked Minions

Daily Top 3 - Apr 16, 2018

Those little butt cheeks are just so peachy
Always forget how massively time consuming minions are to make
Even without their kit on😋

Supplies: modelling tools modeling chocolate

Tools: cake decorating tools

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Sandra Smiley ...

This is just adorable! How did you come up with such a thing?!

GoshCakes ...

Thanks Sandra.
Client asked for minions but wanted something very different.
So googled minions with a difference and found some images of naked minions with clothes on the line. Fell in love and made cute bumcheeks 😉🤣

Penny Sue ...

I love this!!

MsGF ...

Ha Ha! Very cute & fun!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Love this…so darn cute!!

Gâteau de Luciné ...

Ooooo, this is sooooo funny, love this cake very much ❤❤❤❤❤

GoshCakes ...

Thank you
It was alot of fun making them. Just stopped watching the clock tick by 😉🤣

Felis Toporascu ...


My Sweet World_Elena ...

Super cuties!

Gabriela Doroghy ...

Adorable!!! <3

Sweet Dreams by Heba ...

Perfectly done :)

Raquel García ...


claudiamarcel ...


Seema Tyagi ...

Lol.. So cute! 😃❤️

MOLI Cakes ...

Fantastic !!!

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Naked Minions