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Bit of a story behond this.
I made my son an 80’s cake for his 14th birthday (no idea what as he was born in 90’s, but thats whathe wanted) it was a pacman & rubix cube design, and was suppose to have this hover board on top, but it just didnt look right. Anyway its been sitting in the cupboard ever since & Sam asked if I could make him a cake to put his hover board on top of!! I had a spare half hour today, so here it is, its very rushed, but am sure he will enjoy eating it when he gets home from school!! LOL

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Sandra's cakes ...

for some reason it doesnt look central on the cake, but I just double checked & it is! I tried to make it ‘hover’!!

Michal Bulla ...

I think It’s just an optical illusion, it looks central to me. Anyway, it’s a beautiful cake.

Sandra's cakes ...

Thanks, like I said it was just a quickie! My son did like it though, and its almost all gone!! LOL

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Hover Board