Girly Castle Cake

This is a castle cake I made for my 6yr old niece’s birthday.

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Sugar&Spice by NA ...

Nice! Are your turrets empty from inside? and how did you glue them?

Sugar&Spice by NA ...

Thank you so so much that was very helpful, but I have a question: you said to support the towers with dowels, but how? I mean the inside is empty, and do you glue the towers into the cake with royal icing? thanks again:)

Safron ...

The towers are fondant which were wrapped around sprinkle containers and glued with edible glue along the back seam. Once dry enough to support their own weight (24hrs..ish) I removed the sprinkle containers (these were wrapped in greasproof first) to allow the air to dry the insides. I didn;t use any supports as the roof tops were made from wafer cones covered in fondant and didn’t weigh much. Hope this helps :)

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Girly Castle Cake