Damask Coral Coloured Engagement Cake

This was a cake ordered by the sister of the Engaged couple. She had some details that she wanted incorporated onto the cake and loved damask. Coral was also a must in the design.

Here’s what we came up with. They were very happy….me too!

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~Daniela xo www.facebook.com/itsacakethingwoodbridge


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Sophisticated ...

Very Beautiful and elegant! How did you pull off the coral color. I have a wedding coming up and the color is coral reef. I’m still trying to figure out how to pull it off.

It's a Cake Thing ...

Thank you. It was not an easy task! I am going to list what I usedd. It really was trial and error and different combinations of mixing pearl. luster and petals dusts and trying them out first. Some were a little more pink and other’s more orange, but in the end it worked!

Here it goes:
Sterling pearl- Apricot
Sterling Pear- Rosie
Petal Dust- Hydrangea Pink
Petal Dust- Terracotta
Luster Dust- Shrimp
Luster Dust- Salmon
Luster Dust- Coral

You’d think the “coral” one would have done it but it was just too shimmery and light on its own.
Have fun…play around a little first and i’m sure it will come out great!

Sophisticated ...

Thanks Daniella! Very nice of you to share how you did it.

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Damask Coral Coloured Engagement Cake