Clowning around cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream filling. covered with fondant. the buttons are fondant and the clown I made from cold porcelain.

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Michal Bulla ...

Wow, beautiful ;)

Calli Creations ...

Thank you so much Michel :O)

Goreti ...

Your work is just wonderful. You are a very talented artist.

Benni Rienzo Radic ...

Your clown is amazing! Very beautiful work.

Calli Creations ...


Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Fabulous Callie! Can I ask a stupid question? What is cold porcelain? :) xx

Calli Creations ...

Hello there.. thank you for your question. Cold porcelain is a non-edible paste made from wood glue, corn flour and baby oil. as this is not edible, it is not in direct contact with the cake and on it’s own plinth attached to the cake with royal icing. Here in the UK, cold porcelain is allowed as long as it is not in direct contact with the cake.
It’s a great medium to use if people want to keep the characters or flowers (yes can use for flowers too). You can buy this ready made on-line. I use Modena. good luck xx

Dawn Wells ...

Fabulous work !

Mrs Millie's ...

Another wow !! :)

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Clowning around cake