Baby Shower Cake..

I made this cake for a customer who just hated itmy 1st unsatisified customer, but I went with what she asked for.. I personally like it BUT you cant win them all… I still worked very hard on it & liked it..

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kathy ...

Your customer is verrrrrrrry wrong.. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this cake. I think it is very pretty and soo cute. Some people are going to be dissatisfied no matter what you do. Don’t let it get to you .

Deb-beesdelights ...

Aww don’t be disheartened its lovely.xx

Tina Salvo Cakes ...

cute!.. always remember that u are ur own worst critic.. if u urself think its not good enough then work on it more until u feel ur work make u proud.. what i do is i have cake artist idols, i try my darnest best to ‘level’ up with them, always raising the bar on skills.. dont worry, we all improve in time thru constant practice and patience! stay inspired and take care! :D

Tina Salvo Cakes ...

..and by the way i am only 5 mos old doing this cakey thingy, never been into a baking school or any stuff related to cake decorating, just self taught and i study my butt off day and night .. mind u! (lols!!!) its a passion and obsession burning inside me.. (more lols! ):D and i kinda forgive myself when i have ‘failings’ moment, but swear i will do it better the next time! :D… just do the thing u do and u will get there. :D

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art ...

I personally thinks this cute and so adorable! . & your customer must be outta her mind. Totally agree w/ Myles26… Keep your head up girl <3

Shylonda Brown ...

Its obvious your (ex) customer has issues because your cake is adorable!! You can’t please them all but be encourage. Job well done:)

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Baby Shower Cake..