Fergus's Olympic Inspired Cake

It was my eldest son’s 6th birthday last week-end.

He requested an ‘Olympic’ themed party!

A week before the party I was handed a piece of paper titled Fergus’s Cake Plan!
(A cake brief in his own gorgeous words……as you will see from the kindergarten spelling approximations!)

The end result is a 5 layered caked in the olympic colours!
Victoria Sponge infused with vanilla.
Vanilla buttercream icing, and loads of gel colour!

The Gold medal in the centre holds an impression of the Olympic rings, and the edible glitter gave a nice finishing touch with some extra texture.

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SarahBeth3 ...

How cute!!! It came out nice too, very clean.

Alison Lawson Cakes ...

Thank you Sarah!

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Fergus's Olympic Inspired Cake