country western birthday

10" 2 layer cake iced in BC with BC decorations and MMF rope.

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Peggy Does Cake ...

Love it!

Peggy Does Cake ...

Hey Corrie, how did you do the bandana? Is that edible image or hand painted? Or something else?

Corrie ...

uhhh….the ‘something else’ catagory :P what I did was sort of piped the red buttercream where I wanted it to be and then used one of those grocery store discount cards for your key ring thingys to spread it smooth (I have a few for just for decorating) and then smooshed it all nice and smooth with a Viva paper towel and scaraper. then I piped on the black and white bandana designs and then VERY LIGHTLY smooshed again with a viva…not even smooshed, more like gently carassed the designs (and you can whisper sweet nothings to your cake at this time as well). and then I added the white piping on top to cover-up the red—meets-white mess all along the top.

Peggy Does Cake ...

Ok, I’m pretty speechless AND amused at the same time. Your tools! They’re so high tech! hehehe. This is brilliant. I can’t believe you did this in butter cream and fooled me into wondering if it was edible images. Jeez, well done! p.s. this made me laugh out loud. Maybe the reason your cakes are so gorgeous is how you treat them and maybe mine are so ornery because I shout and swear at them?

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country western birthday