Burger, fries and hot dog anyone??

Made this cake for a sweet 16. Not your typical type of cake for a sweet 16. Cheeseburger made with two 14" round pans for top and bottom buns. Hamburger made for 14" chocolate cake and frosted with chocolate buttercream. Hamburger topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayo (all frosting & fondant). Ketchup bottle and hot dog bun made of rice crispy treat and covered with fondant. Hot dog is all fondant. French fries is fondant and airbrushed to resemble crispness.

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KittyCakes ...

I love how you wrote in catsup!

Evelyn Vargas ...

KittyCakes I’m confused?? I wrote ketchup not catsup!!

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Burger, fries and hot dog anyone??