How Small Can I Bake? Miniature choc-chip cookies!

This is one of those fun little challenges that I set myself … to create a tiny kitchen (complete with working oven, running water & miniature utensils) & see how small I could bake. It’s not very practical for feeding the family … but it was very entertaining :) Hope you enjoy the video:

Tools: wood toys tin metal pliers garden reticulation

Tags: teeny weeny challenge how smal can i bake chocolate chip cookies miniature doll house

Ann Reardon


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Creme & Fondant ...


Lallacakes ...

Incredible and sooo funny!!!👏👏👏😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨

Calli Creations ...

What a brilliant video! I thoroughly enjoyed that, all the miniatures made so perfectly AND workable… that AGA is a masterpiece… and fridge… loved watching, thanks for sharing,

Goreti ...

This is soooo awesome!

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How Small Can I Bake? Miniature choc-chip cookies!