Filigree gum-paste champagne glasses

Daily Top 3 - Dec 10, 2011

Simple wedding cake with filigree champagne glasses and ‘personalised’ Bride & Groom all made from gum paste.

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Fiona, Lancashire UK


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SarahBeth3 ...

Look at that adorable bride a groom!!!! Love it! The whole thing is beautiful.

Pam H. ...

The entire display is really beautiful, but those champange glasses are just amazing!

Chya ...

How very elegant. May I ask how you made the champagne glasses? Did you use a bowl or balloon? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Fiona Williamson ...

I made the champagne glasses by covering the bowl part of a plastic ‘champagne’ glass. I cut off the stem and then made my own from gum paste.

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Filigree gum-paste champagne glasses