Painted galaxy cake

The sugarpaste on this cake was airbrushed first and then I went over and highlighted areas and added stars and comets to make it look like space.

Still practicing covering a tall cake in sugarpaste with buttercream underneath. I used sugar and crumbs raspberry ripple icing sugar to make my crusting buttercream. I changed my method of covering the cake with sugarpaste and now I have no seams visible yay! However, my sugarpaste is falling back down despite the buttercream underneath being level, having perfect sharp corners and being chilled. Probably too much buttercream covering the cake and/or sugarpaste needed to be rolled thinner than 5mm. I don’t have have this problem with ganache underneath however I am determined to get buttercream to work so I have the option of using it if I needed. Normally I use ganache or swiss meringue buttercream but have had problems with swiss meringue buttercream on a tall cake too. If I can resolve it with crusting buttercream I know swiss meringue buttercream would work as well.

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Painted galaxy cake