We're having a gangbang...

This cake was requested for a gay wedding in Amsterdam. The couple had been together for a long time previously, so the brief was to reflect this. I decided to use a road as the metaphor for their life’s journey together… found out the colour of the car they drive and then the names and locations of the establishments they had owned together. The signposts are made from those candy musk sticks that kiddies like to pretend are cigarettes. I wanted to try and keep the whole cake edible (as i do with all my cakes), but wanted to incorporate some decoration on the sides, so I got back to my man and asked if there were any particular songs they were fond of… my intention was to draw the musical score. “Gangbang” was the answer! I thought in this case the lyrics (if you can call them such!) were more approriate for the occaision. The cake had to travel by ferry from Yorkshire to Amsterdam, and then on to Spain, so i made all the decorations removable, packed them in a rigid box and provided a “map” for where to put signposts, etc back in correct places. It was much appreciated and I got tremendous feedback. It was, (like most of the cakes I have done to date) for a “friend of a friend”… so this one, like many, I did gratis!

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Brilliant concept! What a great cake for two very special people xx

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We're having a gangbang...