Ladybirds Inside My Cakes And Cupcakes

Editor's Choice - Sep 12, 2012 Daily Top 3 - Sep 12, 2012

A South African artist and photographer just showing some of my baking work. Enjoy!

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Terry, South Africa,


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Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...


yourfantasycakes ...

i love the ladybug effect you have created inside the cake…….!!!!

IAJenny ...

how did you do that?

Terry ...

I am new to this site Jenny, and have just read the rules…still not sure if I may direct you to my facebook page or website…I have my training wheels on…but visit my website where you will find the information you are looking for.

Stániny dorty ...

Wow….beautiful colour effect!

caymancake ...

That’s amazing! Great job!

Terry ...

Thank you all for your kind comments…much appreciated, and glad you enjoyed.

Deema ...


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Ladybirds Inside My Cakes And Cupcakes