Obsidian & Diamond Geode Cake

Ohhhh, as much as I love all my geode cakes, this dramatic beauty is near & dear to my heart. My client wanted a more masculine cake for a 40th birthday, so it wouldn’t look weddingy. (Is that a word? It is now. I say so.)

He really liked a cake I had done where the WHOLE middle tier was a geode, but was a crystal with a touch of copper, & didn’t fit the color scheme. I suggested the bottom tier as the full geode but in a dramatic obsidian black, split it open with a sparkling diamond geode that would span the full height of the cake, & then add even more drama with the boldly marbled top tiers. It was an experiment, but I would say it was a resounding success!

I especially love the bold graphic design of the marbled fondant, & the contrast of that gorgeous white diamond geode is just stunning, with its real silver leaf edging. I looked forward to creating this cake for many weeks.

In the last week, my client came to me again & asked if I could make a ’40’ topper in a geode. I said “sure, I can do that!” And then I was like, ‘hmmmmm, HOW am I going to do that?’ LOL! Well, a little experimentation later, & it came out just like a sparkling glittery diamond, perfectly clear & made of 100% sugar glass!

Video at https://youtu.be/l1GyadiBjow

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Cakes ROCK!!! Christy Seguin, Austin, TX


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Ivon ...

Beautiful! Looks fabulous 👍🏻😍

Antonia Lazarova ...


Anka ...


Clara ...

Wow!!! 😍
Majestic and perfect for a man!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna) ...

You are certainly the master of the geode cake!

Maria's ...


Artym ...

Super work!

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Obsidian & Diamond Geode Cake