Nurse Cake

I Made this cake for my best friends mum who is studying to be a registered Nurse. She is such an amazing lady and deserved an amazing cake!!
I love so many of the details on this cake. Infact there really is so many details .
It was the first time i attempted some tiling and i was stoked with how it turned out. Also i think my idea to wrap the cake in a bandage was awesome haha yes ill be modest, i love the idea and also how it turned out on the cake, although it wasn’t done without some serious failures lol. I like that the bandage is still on the roll coming off the cake :-). I also love the figurine but i love making figurines!! the little book is a bit cheeky but that would be me haha.
Another triumph was the IV stand. It was one of the only unedible things on the cake. It is just a bamboo squewer painting with edible silver paint and then i added some fondant wheels:-).
i love the little slippers under the bed, also the fondant scissors and tweezers and oh the bandaids that spell out mum. Needless to say I love the cake i made lol and the birthday girl was so exciting to see her cake which was a surprise from her daughters and i hear they agonised over cutting it up for ages lol.

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SarahBeth3 ...

Oh wow! I love all the details on this cake and I can tell you put a lot of creative thought and love into this cake! The book cracked me up! Well done!

Tina ...

Haha Sarahbeth i sure did put a lot of thought into it, well the thought i could with the 1 and a bit weeks notice i got to make it lol. Im glad you liked the book, i think i crack myself up thinking of ideas for cakes all the time hahaha

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