Mrs. Claus has a new boot!

I recently posted this in the forum and it was suggested I post it here. Keep in mind this is not cake. Mrs. Claus received a new ankle bootie for Christmas. Made from chocolate (body and heel), royal icing (fursicles around boot opening), and fondant (trim, belt, and buckle). Hand painted with Poppy Paints edible paint including the Rudolph silhouette. To see other chocolate shoe creations please visit my website at Thank you i advance for your support!

Supplies: chocolate fantasia fondant royal icing edible paint

Tools: mold penblade

Tags: #chocolate fantasia fondant #edible paint #royalicing #shoes boot


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Anka ...

well done

Julie Reed Cakes ...

Fabulous x

Goreti ...

love it

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Mrs. Claus has a new boot!