Diva Shoe Cake

Thanks for taking the time to read about my cake. This is my first time posting and I’m excited to share.

*The Diva Shoe Cake *was inspired by the zebra print and hot pink polka dots on the bridal luncheon invitation.
Planning and making this cake was a blast because each design element was a chance to learn a new technique or process.
Thanks to the baking and decorating community for sharing your work and your tips. You inspire and amaze me with your work. It is such an honor to learn from you all._

  1. The Shoe: It all starts with the shoe. I knew I wanted the zebra pattern have ruffle effect. The entire shoe is made from Satin brand gum paste. The heel was originally white and airbrushed to match the hot pink sole for a nod to Christian Louboutin. The zebra pieces are round thin gp flower petals hand painted with black food coloring. The petals are glued together over royal icing on cling wrap draped over the front of the shoe. Once that section dried and I was happy with it, it was removed from the cling wrap and glued to the shoe with tylose glue.
  2. The Flowers: These were made with Satin fondant converted to gum paste using CMC Rolled Fondant Stabilizer. After drying the flowers were pretty dull. Brushing them with Pam spray shined them up without harming the stability of the material.
  3. The Frosting: The frosting was made with hi ratio shortening as per the sugarshack buttercream youtube video. 5-1/2 cups shortening, 5lbs of powdered sugar, 4 tablespoons of flavoring and 12 tables spoons of hot coffee mate solution (1 cup coffee mate to 1 cup hot water). Watch the youtube video for mixing instructions. This my first time using this recipe and I will never go back. It spreads like a dream and tastes amazing. You achieve the super smooth effect by smoothing it with Viva paper towels and then computer paper. (if you need details send me a message)
  4. The Lettering: The lettering was created with FMM Tappits and Mexican paste. The Mexican paste holds the letter shapes as you fling them out of the cutters. These are great fun to use and wonderful stress relievers.

Special Thanks to: Pink Cake Box, Sugarshack, Alan Tretreault at Global Sugar Arts and Corrie’s Cakes for their tutorials and tips.

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Michal Bulla ...

I like it, good job!

Cabana Cakery ...

Thanks Michal for the kind words.

LupeB ...

Very nice job

Goreti ...

love the shoe!

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Diva Shoe Cake