Big Beyblade Cake!

So much fun doing this big beyblade cake!

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K'precious Cakes, Wellington, FL


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dawniepooz ...

I have just started making cakes for the first time, never took classes or anything just kinda watched people and tried to figure it out on my own. So far so good, getting better with each cake. Afriend asked me to make THIS cake for his son and I am at a loss for how you got it so perfect. Any advise? Ive been online trying to find a mold but no luck

Monika Zaplana ...

Hello! Thanks for asking!

Begin making a mold with a piece of paper giving it the big shape of the stadium, you’ll need to buy RKT sheet (for sale in GSA), saying this, the base of the stadium is all cake and the wall is RKT (once you put the RKT all around the cake…you’ll need to round the edges using a knife!)

For the engrave, you just need to put a piece of fondant with the shape that you want and then cover it!

I hope I was able to explain everything correctly to you!

dawniepooz ...

RKT (rice krispy treat?) Wow I would have never thought of that but now that you have said it it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much!!!

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Big Beyblade Cake!