Ugly Zombie Cupcake

Just for fun, I thought I’d post this cupcake that I submitted to an ugly cupcake contest and won. I’ve been dying to make a zombie cake for a long time and that’s what I wanted to do for this ugly cupcake. When I googled “ugly zombie” the first image that pops up is one of a zombie hamster, which was perfect inspiration! Since it’s made from cupcakes, it’s probably near life size, right?!

Anyway, I took one cupcake and leveled it. Then took 2 more cupcakes and stacked them on top (so it’s like a 3-tier cupcake) and that’s how I carved the face. I then covered the head in fondant and used gel coloring to add some dimension to the “skin.” The hair is cotton candy that I stuck on with water.

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Netty ...

Haha brilliantly gruesome, love it!

Michal Bulla ...

Cool :)

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Ugly Zombie Cupcake