My First Proper Wedding Cake!

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This design was based on one in Collette Peters’ book, A Cake to Dream On.
Chocolate bottom tier and vanilla for the other two tiers – the tiers with gumpaste ribbon roses on are ploystyrene dummies.
The vanilla cakes weren’t as deep as they should have been (4") as they weren’t firm enough when I came to ice them so had to be rebaked in a hurry – I didn’t have time to bake two layers for each cake but did manage to get 3" cakes when I baked single layers the second time so that had to do!
It was a scary moment hammering the dowel through the cake and a crack did appear right at the front of the middle tier (I think it would have been fine if I’d had time to let the icing set overnight though so it wouldn’t put me off doing it again) but that was hidden very easily with a gumpaste leaf.
Embossed with a tracing wheel and then painted with lustre dusts mixed with alcohol with beaded wires pushed in amongst the flowers for a little bit of ‘bling’ – there are also silver smarties nestled amongst them somewhere.
I’m really proud of how it turned out but wouldn’t want to do another one in a hurry – that’s a lot of pressure and even though I took a week off work to make it, I was still finishing it on the morning of the wedding. If my top tiers had been OK and if I didn’t have to go out and buy ‘proper’ fondant rather than try and use the supermarket stuff I usually use on my much less ambitious novelty cakes that wouldn’t stop tearing then I think it could probably have been done in 3½ days. I’ll know better next time. I’m hoping next time won’t be for a very long time though…

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Goreti ...

It looks beautiful

Carol Vaughan ...

Thank you very much x

Celebration Cakes by Celeste ...

Wow, love it!

Designndecorate ...

Super creative! Well done!

Michal Bulla ...

Congrats! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 8/12/2012.
Check it out on one of our albums:
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Carol Vaughan ...

Thank you very much Michal, and thanks to others for their positive comments x

Tea Party Cakes ...

Beautifully done!

BakesALot ...


Margie ...

After all that trouble, you managed to “pull it off”…….and in a most beautiful way!

Aine Cuddihy ...

I LOVE this cake and I also love your honest description of how you made it. It looks like it was worth all the hassle. x

RockCakes ...


Sweets By Monica ...

BEAUTIFUL! and that is a lame word to use, but it is hard to describe…it’s breathtaking!

Peggy Does Cake ...

The leaf belongs there. (I love hearing inside stories like this, thanks for taking the time to share so much about this cake.) It’s amazing work, you should be completely proud of yourself. Well done to you!

Joyce Nimmo ...

I love this cake … amazing J:~D

Carol Vaughan ...

Thanks again all, I’m so stunned that so many of you have commented on it or ‘liked’ it on Facebook. I’ve learnt so much from making this cake such as:

  • Stop messing about on Pioneer Trail on Facebook when you should be making gumpaste flowers
  • When you think you’ve made enough gumpaste flowers, think again – this way you can avoid making more at 2am the night of the wedding to cover a 6" naked patch at the back when you really need to get to bed.
  • Never use that supermarket fondant again except for decorations or modelling. Renshaw Professional Regalice, costs more, worth every penny!
  • When using a shiny new Kenwood mixer, if you notice that you’ve forgotten to put the bowl cover on and that butter and sugar are getting perilously close to the edge, for the love of Pete, DO NOT turn the dial towards you in a fit of panic. You’ll only make it go faster and throw caster sugar into your bra!
  • Take the cakes out of the tin and don’t leave them there for hours (bloody Pioneer Trail again) or they’ll get soggy bottoms and you’ll need to do over.
  • Keep at it. I could have thrown in the towel so many times making this cake but as soon as it was stacked, staked and I started to attach the flowers, the transformation was amazing.

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My First Proper Wedding Cake!