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This is my first gravity defying cake, and it was ordered on a Wednesday for that Saturday! I really like how it turned out though.

The actual cake portion is the 12" square wood table on the bottom. The cake is white lemon cake with chantilly cream filling and covered in a light layer of chocolate ganache. I did a wood grain technique with wafer paper over fondant, and used slightly different colors to switch up the pattern and color a bit. The liquid pouring from the bottle is flexique mixed with isomalt. The bottle is sculpted chocolate cereal treats covered in chocolate and modeling chocolate. The bag is fondant and the cap is modeling chocolate painted with luster dust.

The only inedible part of this cake is the glass, which is plastic so I could drill a hole in the bottom for the structure.

Tags: gravity defying cake gravity defying crown royal crown royal bottle whiskey pouring wood grain wafer paper fondant flexique modeling chocolate rkt cereal treats isomalt crown bag bottle cap hand sculpted

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Goreti ...

great job

Sandra Smiley ...


claudiamarcel ...


Bake My Day Acadiana ...

Thank you so much!!

Carol ...

Wow that is brilliant love the wood effect!!!!

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Pour me a glass