Mermaid, It's What's For Dinner (threadcakes 2012)

Daily Top 3 - Aug 02, 2012

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I’ve just submitted my entry for this year’s “Threadcakes” competition! Check out all the pics right here!

Wish me luck! Anyone else submitting an entry this year?


I’ve always wanted to join threadcakes since I first learnt about it 2 years ago but I always ended up forgetting about it until after the deadline. This year, I made a note of it in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget!

After browsing through all the different available designs, I shortlisted about 20 for consideration. I wanted my cake to have the following criteria:

1. Able to be constructed mostly out of cake and fondant with as little non edible supports as possible.

2. Be visually interesting with a lot of detail.

3. Allow me to display my sculpting skills.

4. Allow for some slight interpretation of my own.

I finally decided on “Mermaid, It’s What’s For Dinner” as I really liked the quirkiness of it all (my friends call it morbid but all agree that it suits me well) and I could immediately see it in my mind in cake form.

I used a rich and dense chocolate fudge cake, layered with earl grey syrup and dark chocolate ganache. I started with the fat chef, carving the main body and head portion out of two 6" round cakes, which I then padded with cake pop mix(using the cake trimmings) to get the final shape.This was coated with ganache and then wrapped in a layer of marzipan, then followed by fondant. The details of the face were then sculpted on with fondant sculpting tools. All in all, the Chef uses 4 wooden chopsticks to support the fondant arms, 1 chopstick to support the hat, and 2 floral wires to support his mustache.

Next I started work on the mermaid table. Started with a 6" square cake and reshaped it into a rectangle. Covered it with marzipan and wood marbled fondant as well. The mermaid is hand molded entirely from fondant.

I added some of my own ideas to make the cake more interesting, my favorite was the cat getting ready for a feast! I delibrately made it a skinny cat to contrast with it’s owner, the fat Chef.

Overall, the cake took about 15hrs over 2 days to complete. I invited some friends over to help me cut and eat the cake on the 3rd day, the leftover cake was packed up and distributed to appreciative friends and family.

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Benni Rienzo Radic ...

LOVE it! I’ve seen this cake floating around. Great job! Your sculpting is impeccable. Best of luck with your entry.

Hot Mama's Cakes ...

i love this cake! So unique and yes, morbid in a way.. love it! lol

Tiffany Palmer ...

I love your interpretation of the theme and the cake came out amazing. Well done!

Esther Williams ...

I showed this cake to some of my friends and all of our jaws dropped. We LOVED it! You did such a fantastic job overall!

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Fantastic! :)

Paisley Petals Cakes ...

Hey Nicholas :) Absolutely LURRRVVEEEDDD your entry..mine’s the one right after yours on threadcakes (Muppets Totem Pole).

Natalie King ...

completely amazing! Ive seen this photo on a few cake blogs, i hope you win!

sarahf ...


Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

Love love love!!!!

Calli Creations ...

your an amazing talent!!! wow, I am blown away

Verusca Walker ...

This is one of my favorite. Love it <3

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Mermaid, It's What's For Dinner (threadcakes 2012)