Skylander Portal of Power!

My first ever ‘big’ cake!

A friend had work said she had a cake challenge for me…and she was right!

The cake itself is made from a layer of vanilla and a layer of chocolate shaped like a ‘cog’ and sandwiched together with chocolate buttercream. I then covered it with strips of sugarpaste shaping them as I worked to look like rocks. I then sprayed with a light dusting of lustre spray.

Gill Grunt (the little character) – is made from sugarpaste so is completely edible. I pinned his arms, legs & head to the main body using cocktail sticks to secure them and left him to dry out overnight in between stages.

The letters are just stamped out of sugarpaste and then stuck to the cake board using a little edible glue.

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Mrs C xx


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Skylander Portal of Power!