50th Birthday Cake

Editor's Choice - Jul 27, 2012 Daily Top 3 - Jul 28, 2012

This cake was for a great mother, sister, friend and neighbor :). Sugar flower carnations, Spider Mums, hydrangeas and filler flowers.

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Donna, Philippines, https://www.facebook.com/mydelectabletreats


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Michal Bulla ...

Congrats! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 7/27/2012.
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Donna Dolendo ...

wow, thank you!

CupNcakesbyivy ...

Your cake is just breathtaking. For someone who loves and adores anything flowery I am captured by your sugarcraft techniques and choice of colours.
I hope you dont mind me asking, what do u called the green flower here and which cutters did u used? Many many thanks! Im planning to make my own version of this cake for my mam.
Kind regards,

Donna Dolendo ...

Thank you for your inspiring words!

I am still working on a tutorial for these flowers. Anyway, the green flower is called spider mums (google it so you can see the real one). Basically, I used the same technique illustrated in the book Chocolate Paste Cakes, page 42, (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chocolate-Paste-Cakes-Sugar-Inspirations/dp/1853915793) on how to make the Chrysanthemums. I just added a small ball of gumpaste in the center for the flower sprays to cling to. For the cutters, I used the daisy cutters.

Donna Dolendo ...

Hi, I have just uploaded the tutorial for making gumpaste spider mums on my Facebook page. If you’re interested, you may follow the link. Thanks!


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50th Birthday Cake