My first ganached cake

Daily Top 3 - Jul 19, 2012

My first attempt at straight edges using the ganache method.

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emmalousmom ...

did you use white or chocolate ganache? is it covered in fondant?
Does it cost more to make ganache than buttercream?
By the way it is so beautiful:)

Michal Bulla ...

Simply beautiful ;)

Jane Moreton ...

Thank you so much!

I used dark chocolate ganache which was then covered with sugarpaste. It was a messy business but fun too! And yes, way way more expensive than buttercream, as well as an entirely different taste of course!

This was my first try and wasn’t perfect by any means but not bad!

Thanks again x

pearlg ...

You did very well for a first time. Well done!

Jane Moreton ...

Thank you! X

Jenifer Crespo-Martinez ...

Great job! I am still waiting to try this myself

sasha ...

well done mate!! Looks great!
S x

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My first ganached cake