Love Birds 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

This cake was made for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. When I started to make it I actually had no idea how I wanted the finished cake to look, which is often the way with me. Needless to say I eventually fell upon a theme and this was the finished result.

The cake has appeared in Cake Wrecks Sunday Tweets which made me hugely proud and I have had several people message me and ask my permission to replicate it.

On the down side, I have only just learnt how to watermark my photos, and on several occassions now the picture has been lifted and other people have claimed it as their own. More recently a company named Cherry on a Cake used it on their Facebook page and then blocked me when I tried to get her to take it down. Hilariously the like of Maise Fantaise, Couture Cakes and Kylie Lambert came to my defense and after a few exchanges the picture was finally removed along with cakes from some other very famous cake makers!

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Jenniffer White ...

This cake is gorgeous!

Michelle Keel ...

Thank you,

it’s funny, it’s actually quite simple, but I think that is what has appealed to everyone. x

Sugar Sweet Cakes ...

This has to be one of the best cupcake cakes I’ve seen, it’s beautiful!

Michelle Keel ...

Thank you, they have sort have become my signature. I like to try and come up with original ways of decorating giant cupcakes.

Joyce Nimmo ...

Your birds are adorable J:~D

Michelle Keel ...

Thanks Joy,

I am in the process of trying to get some cutters made.

Dawn and Katherine ...

This is beautiful ! and well done for sticking up for your own work and getting it removed after it was “stolen”.. its yours be proud :) xx

Michelle Keel ...

Thanks, yes I did feel quite vindicated when she took it down. Why people steal other people’s work is beyond me. I always feel so proud putting my own work up x

feottas ...

This cake is absolutly beautiful!!!! To say the least. May I ask if you could post a tutorial on how you made the birds. and your little flowers. I would love to make them myself if you wouldn’t mind.

Roberta ...

I’ve recently purchased a GCC mould & have been looking for ideas on how to decorate them when I found yours. It’s so beautiful. I have a family 50th anniversary coming up this year & it would be a wonderful cake to do for them. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I copied your idea if I decide to go ahead. Thank you :)

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Love Birds 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake