Challenging Nautical Wedding Cake

The “challenging” portion of this cake came from the icing recipe. The bride requested I use her own recipe for the base cake and all over icing and then wanted it fondant covered. Well….the icing was SUPER sticky & soft, so once placed it could not be shifted or it ripped. ((Sigh)) after 3x+ each of recovering, I decided it was as good as it was going to get and finished it off. Overall I love how it turned out…just wish it had the sharper edges that the soft icing didn’t allow. Base: Butter cake with a blueberry filling, top tier: funfetti. All covered in a Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting and then fondant w/ gum paste, sugar pearls, & sugar diamond accents, wrapped in satin ribbon.

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Crystal Memories in the Baking


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Bakermama ...

I HATE when the bride requests using her own recipe. 99% of the time it’s completely impossible, as it sounds like you learned the hard way with this cake! This is pretty much the only request I refuse to do. Or at least modify it so it’s stable & usable :) Pretty cake though!

CrystalMemories ...

Thanks Thea! I actually did a trial run on the recipes and THOUGHT they should work. The cake was definitely stable enough…it was that blasted icing. There was really no modifying it either. It was cream cheese, whipped cream (the kind already whipped in the tub), and powdered sugar…that was IT! It firmed a little in the fridge but quickly softened once taken out and OH! It was STICKY! I could even shift the fondant a little once I placed it. Super annoying! Oh well, the bride loved it so I guess thats what counts the most ;). Lesson learned, lol

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Challenging Nautical Wedding Cake