Vanilla/Almond cake with strawberry cream and fresh strawberry filling. Perhaps not the best choice of fillings for my first Topsy Turvy cake. The first layer was dedicated to the men, the second layer was dedicated to the ladies, and the top layer was the stage where all the action took place. The black heart on the side of the top layer was dedicated to the main actor who had a black heart painted on his cheek. On stage was a hand painted grandfather clock and table and chair arrangement. This was my first Cabaret show and my first Topsy Turvy cake and I loved both. The cake was a huge success at the after party.

Sorry about the picture quality, I was not able to complete the cake until it was onsite and forgot my camera. This was the only pic and it was taken with my phone.

Found one more pic on my husbands phone before we got the hearts and stars all in place, but I think it shows the cake better.

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