Scooter the Gorilla (cake)

I got an email…asking me if I could possibly recreate a toy. A stuffed gorilla named Scooter.(I was sent two pics of said Gorilla ) My client is now an adult but when he was a child him & his childhood best friend shared that gorilla. (how cute is that!?) Well it is his best friends birthday and he thought it would be neat to surprise him with their stuffed buddy Scooter but in cake form! (I can hear the “awwwwwwws”) I HAD to make this for him! Also there was an ongoing joke amongst their families about how Scooter would get into all kinds of mischief…and get hurt doing so… that is why Scooter had band aids! =) Body and legs are Chocolate cake with mint chocolate bc RKT head.=) Fondant face…belly/chest,hands & feet. 100% edible.=)

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Scooter the Gorilla (cake)