Thank-you Wedding Dress cake

Thank-you cake for a bridal shop who have been more than good to me!
I was pushed into buying my wedding dress at a show….and im not 100% in love with it. But the local wedding dress shop took me under their wing and are doing everything in their power to help me love it. BUT I have tried on another dress and think its nicer, I have until Monday to make my mind up, in which they will do everything in their power to order it for me in time. Needless to say they havent needed to do any of this, and have been absolutely amazing so I needed more than words to say thank-you.

This ‘dress’ design has been done a few times and I dont know the original creator, but I made it my own by making it blue with some little pink roses, and just made the design of the dress up as I went along! It was also during the week of extreme humidity, so it could have been better, but its ok :D

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3DSweets ...

I think it’s the prettiest I’ve seen yet! Great job, and best of luck with your dress choice. (Remember, you can get married in your jeans or jammies and still be just as happy!)

Little Cherry ...

thank-you so much! Im going to try and get something sorted this week! Its such a big decision! xx

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Thank-you Wedding Dress cake