Aloha `Oe Boogie Kalama

Sheet cake with fondant/gumpaste replica of the H?k?le’a (my 1st attempt at large canoe), in a sea of blue swirled cupcakes. This was for the Memorial service for Boogie Kalama, one of the original crew members of the H?k?le’a and friend of the family.

“H?k?le?a is a performance-accurate full-scale replica of a wa?a kaulua, a Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe. Launched on 8 March 1975 by the Polynesian Voyaging Society, she is best known for her 1976 Hawai?i to Tahiti voyage performed with Polynesian navigation techniques, without modern navigational instruments.”

Lizzie, BigIsland,


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Aloha `Oe Boogie Kalama