You'll Never Walk Alone

A set of Liverpool themed cupcakes for an avid fan.

p/s: have you guys seen the new MU 2012/2013 jersey? The one with the checked pattern. I hope no one orders it any time soon. Lol.

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Bito, Handmade with Love..just for you!,


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Michal Bulla ...

Cool. Looks like you’re a football fan :)

Sheryl BITO ...

Thanks Michal! On the contrary, I don’t watch any sports at all. Haha…I just do what the customer requests. Hence I hope no one asks for MU jersey in the near future ;)

Deema ...

the Adidas sneakers you made are too cute and flawless :) great job on the whole set!

Sheryl BITO ...

thanks Deemz! xoxo

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You'll Never Walk Alone