Aksheyya & Aksharn

Daily Top 3 - Jun 18, 2012

1st birthday cake for a pair of twins; Aksheyya & Aksharn. Top tier is vanilla butter cake in alternate layers of pink and blue, a surprise arrangement that no one knew about until cake cutting time.

Tags: bito birthday twins dots stripes

Bito, Handmade with Love..just for you!, www.bunsintheoven.my


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Sheryl BITO ...

The second picture was taken with my phone, so pardon the poor lighting and picture quality :)

Deema ...

even with poor lighting your cakes looks fab!!

Sheryl BITO ...

that was really fast Deemz! hahahah thank you!

Deema ...

lol.. ;)

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

PRECIOUS! Love it!

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Love it Sheryl! :) x

Sheryl BITO ...

thanks Ann Marie! xo

Sheryl BITO ...

thank you Raewyn! xo

sammie192 ...

Too cute!!

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