Pond Scene Wedding cake

Daughter of the bride requested a unique and personalized wedding cake. The couple fell in love at a pond they both love to go to. They have a blue canoe off to the side they ride in and always have their dog who loves chasing his tennis ball. There are ducks, frogs, snapping turtles and geese there as well. Loved the idea of such a unique cake and got as much into this small cake as I could. Still wish I could have incorporated more though lol.

Cake is dark chocolate raspberry filled and iced in vanilla buttercream and then covered in mmf. Trees and grassy area are made out of RKT. All other decor is made out of mmf. TFL!

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Michal Bulla ...

Cute ;)

Benni Rienzo Radic ...

Tiffany I love this! You put so much heart in your cakes! Love all the details.

Tiffany Palmer ...

Thank you!

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Pond Scene Wedding cake