Spyderman Cake

This cake was made for my little cousin´s birthday this month. It was chocolate cake filled with 2 diferent fillinngs: our traditional “Brigadeiro” and “Doce de Leite”. All decoration was made out of fondant – thank´s God it was not a hot day, so no mess, no fuss for a change!If you want to try them, here we go =)

-1 can of condensed milk
-200ml of cream
-3 tbs of cocoa(if you want you can add 200gr of chopped dark/milk chocolate for a “yummier” recipe)
-1 tbs of all purpose flour
-(1 tbs of vanilla extract if you want)
Sfit the flour and the cocoa. Mix all ingredients in the pan BEFORE you take it to the heat.Cook in medium heat ALWAYS stirring with a wooden spoon (or a plastic fouet, so this way you don´t release any metal from the pan in your sweet). Mix until you start to see the back of the pan. Let it set covered in a cool/dry place before you fill your cake. No need to refrigerate as this make it become very thick.
***_If you want to do the regular "Brigadeiros"_, leave a little bit longer in the heat, always stirring(about 5/8 minutes) until heavier consistency. Let it cool and then with damp hands roll balls (small ones u can measure in a regular teaspoon, medium ones in a tablespoon).Pass them in to chocolate sprinkles or finelly chopped chocolate(milk,dark or 1/2 and 1/2) and put them in individual paper containers if you want.You can keep them in the fridge or let them in room temperature if consumed in the same day.We have them in our birthday parties along with other sweets besides the cake.

Doce de Leite:
1 can of condensed milk (the sealed can). Cook in the pressure cooker for 35 minutes, wait until all the pressure goes away and let the can cool. Use at room temperature.
--Those are MY recipes, I´m not claiming them to be the only ones that are official- _those are the ones that works for me _;).

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Jenniffer White ...

Great Spiderman! Very clean piping work!!

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Spyderman Cake