GRAVE DIGGER with LED lights

Happy Birthday to my son Christian who turned 7 on May 28th. We had his Grave Digger themed party and he was so excited when he saw this cake we made for him. It was our first cake complete with LED lights. Thank God my husband knows electronics as I had no clue what to do with the wires and switch etc… As it was a busy cake weekend, we worked on his cake last and started really late into the night..ending at 5am! Anything for my boy!
So I would have liked it to be cleaner and would have probably added way more detail, but at that hour…this was good for me. Hope you enjoy it as much as he did!

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~Daniela xo


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YummyTreatsbyYane ...

Awesome! I need to make a truck topper this weekend. Would you be able to guide me?
My email is
Thanks in advance!

It's a Cake Thing ...

Hope you got my message and it helped you along. I will send you a message on Facebook too just to make sure.. ;-)

funni ...

Hi Daniela may i know what type of led light did you use and where did you get it(purchase)?
Thank you :)

It's a Cake Thing ...

Hi there,
I purchased my LED lights from a local electronics parts supplier.
They are basic LED lights but I had to buy the battery and wiring and switch, solder it together. My husband did all that part…I would have had no clue otherwise. Good luck!

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GRAVE DIGGER with LED lights