The 'Geeze Pamela! Cake'

The ‘Geeze Pamela! Cake’ aptly named by Karlie :-). Pam is celebrating a ‘milestone’ birthday and wanted Devil’s food cake made with dark chocolate, strawberry filling and icing, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate drizzle. Karlie takes the orders for me and she named it the ‘Geeze Pamela! Cake’ after Pam finished her order! Too funny! Anyhow, I used fresh strawberries in the buttercream icing, no flavorings, and put fresh sliced strawberries in the center. I need to work on my chocolate piping skills :-/! Happy Birthday Pamela! This was fun to make!

Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe


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Thanks Monica!! I had a great time making this one! The clients told me that they ‘killed it’ within a short amount of time, so I will be making this again ;-).

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The 'Geeze Pamela! Cake'