Birmingham Cake International Entry 2014 - Gold Award

This is my entry for Cake International Birmingham! I was thrilled to discover it was awarded gold by the judges. I must apologise for the quality of my photo’s, they were taken on my phone! I will take better ones at some point I promise! There are so many details on this cake I couldn’t possibly show you in 5 photo’s so I’ve concentrated on the characters! For my entry choice I went back to ‘The List’! …For those of you wondering I have a list of everything I’ve ever seen and thought ‘oooh that would look good in cake’ which I’ve then tried and failed to convince the children to have for their birthdays! So from ‘The List’ I went with the crafty carver from Disney’s Brave, I decided against adding Merida for two reasons, 1. I tend to like the background characters more. and 2. The category I entered was sculpted novelty cake, therefore my entry had to be completely edible with no internal supports in either the cake or the figures! I wasn’t ‘Brave’ enough to attempt making Merida without internal supports!! Everything on my entry is hand made, and hand sculpted, I used no moulds or cutters whatsoever. In total it probably took me more than 120 hours to complete (I gave up counting!) I took me three days just to complete the grass on the top of the cake, every single blade was hand rolled and stuck on with a cocktail stick!! Whilst sticking on endless blades of grass I decided that I would roll with the Disney theme and add ‘Easter eggs’ to my piece, just for fun! (For those of you who don’t know, Disney have always hidden past and future characters in their current film – think Rapunzel and Flynn in tangled or Dumbo in Lilo and Stitch!) So I hid 5 on my piece, they mostly went unnoticed by adults during the competition (which is kind of what they’re supposed to do!) but the children were brilliant at spotting them! They’re too small to see on these photos but if you’re interested they’re over on my Facebook page! Thanks for looking Lynsey =) xx

Tools: veining tool ball tools cocktail sticks star piping nozzle paint brushes

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Zoe White ...

Fantastic job! Seen pics of this on facebook, Love it!

Dragons and Daffodils Cakes ...

Fabulous. A very well deserved gold

Goreti ...

Wow, this is wonderful!

Aga Leśniak ...

I love it!!!!!!fantastic job!!and congratulations!!!

The Custom Piece of Cake ...

Fabulous, so much details, awesome job

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Brilliant details, I love the stone wall!
Congrats on getting gold! ;-))

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa ...


Sugarwhizz ...

Sincerest thanks to you all ♥

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Birmingham Cake International Entry 2014 - Gold Award