Mike the Knight cake

Lots of fun making this cake from the childrens Tv show Mike the Knight, credit given to Little Cherry Cake Company for original design of this cake.

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Michal Bulla ...

I like it!

Little Cherry ...

hmmm seen this somewhere before….LOL
Great job! Would be nice to see a credit to the original design though :( sniff
Your little shield (number 5) is very neat! well done! x

Sugar Sweet Cakes ...

Littlecherrycakecompany – apologies for not giving credit where credit is very much due!!! I was given a printed picture from the customer to work from and had no idea where the original cake came from, hope I haven’t offended you. Your cake is amazing, just hope my version done it justice I will add a credit to you in my description now. Xx

Little Cherry ...

No, no offense at all! Im actually really chuffed now that I am actually inspiring someone the way so many other bakers have inspired me! Its really amazing!

I actually REALLY love the little bush on the left hand side…its incredibly cute and cartoon like!

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Mike the Knight cake