Minion Superman on Pole Vaulting

Minion Superman on Pole Vaulting…

Ιt is about a real gravity defying cake (cake in the air)!!!! The cake involves a high percentage of difficulty as the hero holds onto a pole with one hand (right hand) and his posture is neither horizontal nor vertical. As seen in the photo the slant is 45 degrees and there is no styrofoam at the bottom part of the hero’s body to help stability and give the illusion of the slant!! The cake touches onto a material appropriate to come in contact with food (no metallic elements covered with plastic wrap!!!!!!). Finally, the dimensions of the board are 70*30cm, the distance between the board and the minion is 15cm and it’s weight is 4 kilos.


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CupCake Garage ...


Roo's Little Cake Parlour ...

Absolutely brilliant, don’t know how on earth you achieved this.

Despina Mara ...

Thank you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a structure behind it!!!!!!!!

BISCÜIT Mexico ...

wow!!! it is fantastic! Ü

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Minion Superman on Pole Vaulting