To 'Cake' Someone -- Using Fresh Fruit as the Coloring

This is a 6 inch white cake with blueberry buttercream icing. I used fresh blueberries and the juice to give it the color and flavor. I learned that I did not cut the blueberries small enough because piping was hard even with the large tip…lol! Edible pearls to garnish. This cake was made for the non-profit group that I work with in my community, Cakes for Causes. We launched a program today called ’You’ve Been Caked! For Your Kindness’ in which once a month we will be awarding a non-profit volunteer in our community a cake as a way of saying ‘Thanks’ for all that they do. This month’s recipient was SO surprised and was moved to tears. I love how cake and sweets move the world!

Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe


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Bliss Pastry ...

This looks and sounds sooooooo delicious!

Rene' ...

Thank you Bliss!! You are most kind! I am honored by your compliments! I SO love chopping up fresh fruit and extracting juice to see what pretty colors and flavors the icing takes on! I’ve tried raspberries and blueberries so far and am on to strawberries next :-)!

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To 'Cake' Someone -- Using Fresh Fruit as the Coloring