Ruffles with a 'naked' double barrel, and peony and orchids on top

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Say, you hate covering in fondant.
Say, you hate smoothering even more.
Say, you always manage to get a fingernail, thumb or elbow imprint in your cake somewhere. Or two.
Say, a bride comes up to you, and sais: You know what would be brilliant? If you make my wedding cake, one of those ***y naked ones! With some ruffles on the bottom, and some flowers on top, and absolutely nothing in between. With a double barrel. And sharp edges of course. And oh, it’s gonna be in the middle of the room, so it can’t have a ‘backside’.

Then any selfrespecting non-smoothering kinda girl would say: bridezilla, take a hike and do it yourself!
So I said: bridezilla, take a hike and do it yourself! You crazy woman!
That’s me. I even added something tot that response. I’m a daredevil like that.

So the bride (and also friend/colleque/competition) said: hell no! I’m freaking out even thinking about that! You do it!

So then you’re screwed…. Waking up in cold sweats at night. Stressed out during the day. I was miserable. Because I hate covering in fondant. So it had to be perfect in the first go. On a day when there was a weather alarm code red, and my brains melted out through my ears. But: I think I did it! I’m thrilled! And very relieved!

Response of my husband: so THIS is what you were fussing about?? There is hardly any decoration!


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Nataša ...

Lovely! Faved :*

Soraya Sweetmama ...

Gorgeous! Perfect! Congratulations!!!

M&G Cakes ...

hhahahahah, men!!! :)

Sugarpixy ...

Gorgeous! I love the flowers!!

Sweet ObsesShan ...


Shannon Bond Cake Design ...

Beautiful! And you did it so perfectly – now everyone is going to want it! ;)

Cakemummy ...

You did a brilliant job! Its PERFECTLY gorgeous! I’m in love again! :-)

miettes ...

LOL at your husband!!! I say the most difficult cakes are the ones that are naked, can’t hide anything!! You did an AMAZING job, the cake is gorgeous and I bow to you!!

AWG Hobby Cakes ...

beautiful !:)

Allways Julez ...

The colours of your floral sugar spray caught my eye! Perfect! Great overall design… ♥♥♥

Goreti ...

It is perfect. I would have loved to see the look you gave your husband after his comment. lol

Hazel Wong Cake Design ...

Simple yet elegant! Love it!

Guppy ...

Perfection extraordinaire!!!

Elli Warren ...

Absolutely gorgeous and sooooo perfect!!!! Im sure your husband was only joking!! Lol its so amazingly beautiful!!! :-) x

Pamela McCaffrey ...

It’s true “only a simple cake” is usually more difficult, nowhere to hide! In this cake, no need to worry it is perfect! A beautiful cake! xx

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Ruffles with a 'naked' double barrel, and peony and orchids on top