Ruffles and Sharpish Edges

Daily Top 3 - Apr 29, 2012

So who does not have ganache envy!? I certainly do but unfortunately I live in a hot humid country where ganche will not set. So I am determined to get sharp corners with fondant and a butter cream under coat and I am almost there!
The key is a stiff butter cream and to think crimp. Yes just crimp the edges with two fondant smoothers and they get really sharp. The fondant does have to be thin. I am going to try it again and if it looks good I will do a butter cream/ fondant how to tutorial.
Pom pom is an adaptation of the one shown in the Sophie Bifield tutorial.

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Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,


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Reni Hendra ...


The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery ...

This is really pretty. So bright and colourful.

Sugarpixy ...

Than you both!

Sam M ...

Great job. I agree. It is so hard to master those sharp edges without ganache. I love your pom poms.

Sugarpixy ...

Thank you Golden Ticket Cakery

Rachel Skvaril ...

LOVE IT! I have such a love of ruffly cakes! :)

Cindy ...

Love it!!

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Ruffles and Sharpish Edges