First Ruffle Cake

Have been waiting for a chance to do ruffle cake. Finally, my dream comes true. Furthermore , It’s ruffle on a double barrel cake! I was extremely excited but a bit worried since it would be my first time to do a ruffle cake. The cute wooden topper was provided by the bride. How cute are they, right? My task was to make the groom figure looked taller as he is much taller than the bride in real life, hehe……It took me 5 hours to do the ruffle, initially it kept dropping, luckily I managed to put all of the ruffle in place at last. There are always something to learn when we decide to step out of our comfort zone, a bit a day perhaps :)

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Amy, Mom And Daughter Cakes


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Aga Leśniak ...

Very pretty;) great job!!

Amy Teoh ...

Thanks Aga :)

Goreti ...

very petty

Amy Teoh ...

Thanks Goreti..

JackiesHomeBakes ...

gorgeous ruffles!;)

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First Ruffle Cake