Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally (Jill) Cake

This was for my good friend’s Jack and Sally (Jill) party. This cake was actually pretty difficult. Again, I don’t REALLY know what I am doing and pretty much just wing it on every cake lol

I decided to make the bottom big layer so people had something to eat that wasn’t fondant (not a fan, most people aren’t). Then the top 3 layers are more for decoration. I noticed my cakes ended up caving a bit on their edges (as you can see) and I am not sure why that happened. Should I use a different kind of cake?

Either way, the bride and groom loved it and the guests enjoyed it as well, so I put it in the win category :)

P.S. The inspiration from this cake was taken from google!

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Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally (Jill) Cake