Black, white and red damask

Black, White and Red damask styled wedding cake. All in buttercream (except for the red MMF ribbon) Topper was made with hardened MMF and royal icing- I used a little plastic picture/plate holder for it….and the most time consuming part was the ONE little stencil I used- I might think about shelling out the big bucks for that wedding cake stencil set!! Also, this cake was inspired by a photo provided by the bride-not sure who made it though

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Peggy Does Cake ...

Holy cuss word, Corrie. So much for being the queen of sheet cakes!

Corrie ...

Hahaha, Peggy you crack me up! Thank you!

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

Girlfriend, your buttercream skills are crazy, insane! I am so jealous! How’d you learn to do that? It looks like fondant, for serious!

Sarah F ...

So gorgeous. I can’t believe it’s buttercream, amazing!!!

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Black, white and red damask