Twinkle Twinkle

I was asked to make a Christening cake by a friend for her daughter. When I asked what she had in mind she said nothing as she was leaving it all up to me. She trusted me 100% to come up with something special for little daughter’s special day. First reaction from me was to panic, Second was to start planning! I rememberd seeing a design for a similar cake in a magazine 1-2 years ago so i rooted it out. 2 problems. 1 no airbrush kit and 2 the original cake design was in blue. So back to the drawing board I went. I then decided to take aspects from that design and place them with a few design ideas of mine. I wanted the evening star to shine next to the moon. The clouds, I decided, to be 3D fluffy white with aspects of pink. I wanted it to look sleepy and dreamy. My wife said it reminded her of Ice Cream!

When My friend came to collect she loved it and happened to say that they sing Twinkle Twinkle to their little girl every night before bedtime. Makes it all worthwhile!

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Deema ...

wow.. such a sweet cake!!

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Twinkle Twinkle