Louis Vuitton Bag Cake

My very first Louis Vuitton bag cake. I learned A LOT through this as it was very time consuming hand painting all those logos on. If anyone knows of an easier way to do those logos please let me know!

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Esther @ The Frosted Cake Boutique | www.facebook.com/thefrostedcakeboutique


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sasha ...

This is great!! I soooo want to do one, but it’s all those logos that scare me….one little slip and it’s all over!! Would love to hear how people do it……


Esther Williams ...

Thanks so much Sasha! I hand painted these with a gold lustre dust, mixed with vodka to have a nice paint consistency. Took HOURS! I’m hoping someone can shed some light on how this can be done easier :)

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Louis Vuitton Bag Cake